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Piero Peirano, Psy.D., LSSP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Thank you for choosing me as your therapist and guide towards healing and personal growth. As a psychologist, I offer individual therapy in the state of Texas (due to licensing regulations). I specialize in working with adolescents and adults who present with symptoms of depression, anxiety, disruptive behavior, adjustment problems, grief, trauma, inattention, among other issues.

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About Me

Dr. Peirano has over 10 years of experience providing individual therapy, group and family therapy, and crisis intervention. Dr. Peirano has worked in a variety of clinical settings including a Psychiatric Hospital, Geriatric Facilities, Mental Health Clinics, Community Behavioral Health Center, the School District, and now in Private Practice.

Dr. Peirano received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the Florida International University. He received his doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Albizu University’s APA accredited Psychology program. He completed his APA accredited pre-doctoral internship and a postdoctoral fellowship with Houston Independent School District. Currently, Dr. Peirano provides psychotherapy services in his private practice in the Houston area and state of Texas. 

Dr. Peirano’s approach to psychotherapy is one that is holistic and evidence based. Treatment modalities include the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Social Skills Training, and Family Therapy. Dr. Peirano also provides parent training to parents of children with disruptive behavior disorders.

As a transformational coach, I will help guide your personal growth journey. Since an early age, Dr. Peirano has been deeply involved in learning theories from psychology, mindfulness meditation, and personal development. He has a passion in applying these concepts in his life, connecting them with the experience he has gained during his life and clinical practice. Dr. Peirano has found meaning using these ideas when teaching groups, presenting seminars and helping improve quality of his life and the lives of those he serves.


My Mission is to be a catalyst of your personal empowerment. Helping you heal and release inner barriers, so that you may reach your true potential. Together, we will collaborate to help identify, process, and release “stuck” patterns of thinking, feeling and action and ultimately help you make those decisions your heart desires, and help you move forward with more clarity and peace of mind.


Dr. Peirano is bilingual and provides therapy services in both Spanish and English

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