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Life Coaching 

As a transformational coach, I will help guide your personal and spiritual growth journey; emphasizing the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and moral dimensions of our human existence.


In my “Wake Up & Expand” Coaching program, I will help you increase self-awareness, work through the limiting beliefs and inner barriers that may be blocking your growth; gain clarity of your life’s purpose, and creating specific action steps to help you “expand” towards the next level of your personal transformation and evolution.

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As a result of my coaching program, it is my intention that you’ll:

  • Experience increased self awareness

  • Understand internal blocks and barriers

  • Increase self acceptance and self love

  • Find more inner peace and well being

  • Develop courage and trust in yourself, others and the world

  • Develop intuition and connect with your higher self

  • Align with your Higher self and your life’s purpose

  • Take actions aligned with your purpose naturally which leads to natural expansion and growth.

Wake Up & Expand Coaching

90 day package

  • Program lasts three months

  • Includes three modules, one per month

  • Each module includes one coaching session per week

  1. Connect with your heart

  2. Awareness exercises

  3. Mindfulness and meditation practice

  4. Notice inner patterns/blocks/limiting beliefs

  1. Create inner space

  2. Accept inner barriers

  3. Release/let go of stuck energy and inner blocks

  4. Achieve inner peace and self acceptance

  5. Connect with your true self

  1. Develop your intuition and inner guidance

  2. Align your self with your life’s purpose

  3. Expand your gifts in this world

  4. Decide, commit, and take specific actions

Coaching Fees

Please note that insurance is only accepted for psychological services. Please refer to life coaching service packages for more information on rates for life coaching.


Wake Up & Expand 90 day package: $2,500

Individual coaching sessions (55 minutes): $170

For more information on coaching, click here.

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